Rising Star: Meet Imran Malik Publicity's Aarti Popat

Rising Star: Meet Imran Malik Publicity's Aarti Popat

Each week, Music Week profiles a new name shaking up the industry. Here, we meet Aarti Popat, publicist at Imran Malik Publicity...

How did you break into the industry?

I’ve always surrounded myself with music I love and that I’m passionate about. I first began writing articles for Link Up TV’s website and magazine, which led me to the world of press and the realisation that the ideas in my head could be materialised in the form of a creative campaign for an artist.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

Being genuine, sincere and humble are all important attributes I strongly stand by. Being polite goes a long way, too. We work in such a small industry, so your reputation can definitely carry you around. Just be nice, remember we are all working towards the same goal. Let’s enjoy it, have fun and be nice to one another.

What should a music PR never do?

Make it about themselves! I think it’s important for publicists to remember that they are representing a person and their craft, the focus should never be on yourself above your client.  

What are the biggest issues facing the music industry in 2018?

What an exciting year so far, there are so many amazing artists coming through. With so much music being consumed, I believe the biggest challenge right now is for artists to identify what they are doing that’s cutting through and placing them above the rest. How not only the music is connecting, but also the overarching brand. What are they doing that makes them truly unique and aspirational.

What is the key to a successful press campaign?

I always say before anything else, I’m a fan of music; being genuinely passionate about what you do makes a huge difference. A successful campaign starts with understanding your client and their music as well as they do. As a publicist, you take a direct and hands on approach to each project to ensure an artist is represented in the best way possible. You work directly with your artist and their team to ensure the best possible result. Collaboration is important. Consistency is key and so is your brand. Identifying your aesthetic allows for not only a successful campaign, but also a long one.

What is your biggest ambition?

To use my skill set and knowledge to better someone’s career. Being given the opportunity to guide, nurture and collaborate with someone I enjoy working with is an honour. Helping them express their vision as well as having their complete confidence is an amazing feeling. Music has always been a form of escapism for me, and I know it’s the same for others.


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