2020 vision: 20 industry leaders reveal hopes for the biz in a new decade (Part 1)

2020 vision: 20 industry leaders reveal hopes for the biz in a new decade (Part 1)

As the music industry returns to work, it’s time for our traditional survey of the sector to kick off the year.

The start of a new decade is set to bring potential turmoil with Brexit, further pressure on physical music and a continuing awareness around artist rights in the streaming era. Issues surrounding diversity will also be high on the agenda. 

Here’s our first line-up of 20 execs sharing insights and opinions on what should happen in the next 12 months. Read on to find out their answer to the question – what’s your biggest hope for the music industry in 2020?

“Sustained growth for the industry with a continued balanced, competitive market place.”
Derek Allen, SVP commercial Europe, Warner Music UK 

“My hope for the music industry in 2020 is equality and recognition for the songwriting fraternity certainly on the distribution of royalties from streaming, somewhere close to equal remuneration. After all, it all starts with the song.”
Annette Barrett, managing director, Reservoir/Reverb Music 

“For our physical members, it was about getting through Christmas and then taking stock of where we are. For digital, the most exciting thing is quite how much upside there still is and how much innovation there can still be, highlighted by the study we released [in November]. The hope must surely be that the retail sector can continue the amazing growth story of the past years.”
Kim Bayley, CEO, ERA

“More great music and progress in addressing diversity and gender in the workforce across the industry.”
Riki Bleau, co-president, Since 93

“That Lewis Capaldi and our own Dermot Kennedy’s global success can pave the way for even more of our incredible British artists to break internationally. And, of course, for Island to clean up at the Music Week Awards!”
Louis Bloom, president, Island Records 

“That artists can focus on creating great music first and foremost, while we in the industry focus on finding new ways to share that music with bigger audiences.”
Adam Cardew, VP, podcasting & creative strategy, Sony Music UK

“I hope that we continue to embrace more global songwriter collaborations which bring down barriers and produce big hit songs!”
Amber Davis, head of A&R, Warner Chappell Music UK

“My biggest hope is that DSPs stay with records longer than four weeks. They need to be more supportive of other formats outside of instant gratification and disposable music. There is such a disparity in live ticket sales and streaming by a small minority of people who listen incessantly. The audience is wider than they think.”
Daniel Glass, president/founder, Glassnote Music

My biggest hope is that DSPs stay with records longer than four weeks

Daniel Glass

“For the streaming industry to adopt a User-Centric Payment System. It’s crazy to think that anyone with a music subscription ends up paying artists they aren’t actually listening to. It’s definitely time to #MakeStreamingFair.”
Nigel Harding, VP of artist marketing, Deezer

“I hope that music can continue to be a global force for inclusivity, breaking down barriers between people and opening up local voices to a global audience, as a countervailing influence to the insidious forces of nationalism and isolationism.”
Paul Hitchman, president, AWAL

“That the new generation of music Industry leaders – those who understand creators are partners not products, that accuracy is more valuable than inaccuracy – continue to lead music toward a more flourishing future.”
Crispin Hunt, chair, Ivors Academy

“Just to see even more artists break through and make their mark for all to enjoy. I think we’ve witnessed some incredible moments over time, for black music artists in particular, so I hope and expect we’ll experience even more groundbreaking moments in 2020.”
Kanya King (pictured), CEO/founder, MOBO

I hope and expect we’ll experience even more groundbreaking moments in 2020

Kanya King

“Neighbouring rights collections around the world continue to grow strongly. PPL is involved in many global initiatives across data, IT, licensing, introducing new legislation etc. with so much good collaboration going on among collective management organisations. I am looking forward to continuing to provide further assistance with my colleagues on a whole raft of projects to help ensure music people get paid.”
Peter Leathem, CEO, PPL

“That we continue to give artists a meaningful voice when discussing the big questions affecting our industry moving forward.”
Colin Lester, founder/chairman, Jem Music Group

“That speed garage makes a massive come back. We’ve waited long enough.”
Samantha Moy, head of content commissioning, BBC Radio 6 Music

“That the current appetite for industry-wide collaborations continues here and around the world, and that the independent sector continues to play a key role in shaping the future of our industry.” 
Charlie Phillips, COO, WIN

“Continued success for new British artists on the world stage.”
Chris Price, Head of music, BBC Radio 1 &1Xtra

“Apart from our 20th birthday, I would say the Music Declares Emergency initiative, who just received IMPALA’s Outstanding Contribution award. Because, well, there is no music on a dead planet.”
Helen Smith, executive chair, IMPALA

“I’d like to see commercial radio’s reach growing, driven by the explosion of at home listening through voice activated devices. 30% of adults in the UK claim to own a voice activated speaker with a 59% share of listening coming at home (RAJAR Q3 2019).”
Gary Stein, Group programme director, Hits Radio Network, Bauer Media

“That someone will write the 2020 equivalent of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On.”
Sarah Williams, CEO, IMPEL

Stay tuned to musicweek.com for further round-ups of the industry’s hopes for 2020.

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