The Big Interviews, Digested (part 1)

The Big Interviews, Digested (part 1)

Every week in Music Week, the most powerful executives in the music biz take on The Big Interview. Here are some key soundbites from this year's crop...

“When our statements go out, I get calls from managers or the writers themselves saying, But my song was streamed on YouTube a billion times, where’s my money? And I’m like, Well, there ain’t any… It’s a real problem.” Kim Frankiewicz, managing director, Imagem UK, January 18

“An NME cover absolutely should spark debate, because it means that people care, not just about NME but about music. It’s great that people are debating whether Justin Bieber should be on the cover.” Mike Williams, editor, NME, February 1

“Radio can support people at times like [David Bowie’s death]. It has human beings behind the microphone and in front of their radios, listening to what you’re listening to… You feel [like] you’re part of something.” Jeff Smith, head of music, BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, February 8

“This is the music business. It’s not a group of accountants celebrating a new version of Excel. It’s anarchic and passionate and there’s an element of risk, and that should be reflected in the [BRITs] show.” Max Lousada (pictured), chairman, BRITs committee & chairman/CEO, Warner Music UK, February 22

“Bringing back Top Of The Pops is an old-fashioned idea. That’s not how young people consume music now.” Jan Younghusband, commissioning editor, BBC Music & Events, February 29

“You couldn’t meet a more engaged and excited crowd than a country music crowd because they’re really grateful these artists come over to the UK to play for them.” Chris York, promoter, SJM Concerts, March 7

“In music, shit happens, and if you have to explain that to a banker, sometimes that disconnect creates problems… We understand music, we can trust our instincts – that has suited us very well.” Matt Pincus, CEO, Songs Music Publishing, March 14

“We should be able to give students a live and immersive view of what this beautiful but brutal industry is really doing.” Kainne Clements, executive chairman, Metropolis Studios & Academy Of Contemporary Music, March 21

“My advice to new managers? Don’t become more important than the artist; be patient; be clear in your decision making; understand that artists are on their own unique journey… With developing artists, you need the deftness of hand to guide without smothering.” Sarah Stennett, CEO, First Access Entertainment, March 28

“One of the reasons for my success is, I never waited very long to try to sign a band. If I liked it, I jumped right in.” Seymour Stein, president, Sire Records & VP, Warner Bros, April 4

“Because of the availability of music, young people are growing up with more curious minds about music. If they hear something and it’s good, they are willing to accept it for what it is and not just run away from it for what they perceive it to be.” Alan Davey, controller, BBC Radio 3, April 11

“Relying on algorithms to do what Jazz FM does is quite a big leap. You can get some interesting recommendations by streaming, but you’re never going to get the same experience.” Jonathan Arendt, CEO, Jazz FM, April 25

“I’ve worked hard, but one of the main reasons I got involved in music was because I was a fan, and then it turned out I was quite organised.” Max Hole, former chairman/CEO, Universal Music Group International, May 2

“We like a lot more music than people imagine, we’re not really snobs, we’re not like, It has to be indie-schmindie! We love popular things, well, some of them anyway…” Geoff Travis, senior director, UK A&R, Rough Trade Publishing, May 16

“Great song plus radio will still equal, nine out of 10 times, a hit record. When people say the industry has changed beyond recognition - [I say] No it hasn’t, retail has changed, music hasn’t.” Colin Lester, chairman/CEO, JEM Music Group, May 30

“Within 18 months it will be clear to everyone that what Kobalt is doing is the only right way forward.” Willard Ahdritz, CEO, Kobalt, June 6

“Classical music is the backdrop to all of our lives in some way, but people don’t associate that with what classical is.” Rebecca Allen, managing director, Decca UK, June 13

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