12 killer quotes from MUSEXPO 2019


The annual MUSEXPO conference wrapped on Wednesday morning in sunny California with a final meet-the-speakers session, after two-and-a-half days of lively debate about the future of the music industry.

With a host of top execs attending and speaking frankly, there was no shortage of pithy soundbites emanating from the Burbank Castaway stage. So Music Week decided to round up the best of the best.

Enjoy – and roll on next year…

“If it was that easy, we would have 100 Chance The Rappers. So, where are the other 99?”

Entertainment One global president, music Chris Taylor does not believe in the DIY revolution.

“There are four people controlling streaming playlists. On NetEase, we have 800 million playlists that have been user-generated so, ironically, in China we have a very democratic platform!”

Mathew Daniel, VP of international at Chinese streaming service NetEase Cloud Music, has a pop at Western streaming gatekeepers.

“India has 1.3 billion people but most of them are concerned about their next meal, not music.”

Times Music COO Mandar Thakur gives the companies fighting over India a reality check.

“Message to awards shows and radio: You will have to appeal to artists and they will dictate what they want to do.”

Allison Kaye, president of Ariana Grande’s management company SB Projects, tells the Grammys what’s what.

“It’s all I know.”

Capitol UK co-president Jo Charrington gives the definitive answer to the ‘What’s it like to be a successful woman in the music business?’ question.

"When I was first in the business, I was the biggest prick in the business. But as I've got older I'm more aware of other people's feelings."

Capitol UK co-president Nick Raphael is a changed man.

“The market is going to keep growing but how the market is changing is more interesting. There will be a middle class emerging. There are so many pockets of opportunities for artists and that is a major shift. It used to be about the superstars, but now it is about thousands of artists making a living. The change is profound.”

AWAL CEO Lonny Olinick is living the dream.

“My grandma used to buy me an album every Christmas. How do we get people like her to continue to contribute to the economy of music?”

Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper talks family matters.

“Millennials catch on when things are inauthentic, and they don’t want to be a part of it.”

Kobalt senior creative director Amanda Samii speaks up for the new generation.

“People relate to batshit crazy.”

Downtown SVP and head of A&R, North America, Andrew Gould has a tip for songwriters everywhere.

“I would miss the album if it went away. The album gives the artist a chance to stamp a moment in time, that you can’t get from just releasing single after single.”

Sony/ATV senior director of creative Jennifer Knoepfle is still playing the long(player) game.

“Eff convention, follow your heart.”

Legendary US radio exec and International Music Person Of The Year winner Jimmy Steal sticks it to the man (but still doesn’t swear on air).

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