Superstar artists and top execs on visionary Music Week Awards Strat winner Emma Banks

Superstar artists and top execs on visionary Music Week Awards Strat winner Emma Banks

Trailblazing music agent Emma Banks has been awarded The Strat at the Music Week Awards 2023

The biggest ever edition of the ceremony took place at Evolution London in Battersea (May 24), culminating in the special award for Emma Banks.

Alongside the 24 judged categories, The Strat recipient is chosen by the Music Week team in recognition of outstanding achievements. The award was named after Tony Stratton-Smith (nicknamed ‘Strat’), a former journalist who became a larger-than-life industry character as a manager and the founder of Charisma Records. 

Read on for the video tributes (in the order they were screened on the night) to Emma Banks, co-head of international touring/co-head of CAA London – a music visionary, an executive who always champions her artists, trustee of Nordoff & Robbins and a horse racing fan in her spare time…

“Congratulations on your well-deserved award. I can't think of anybody who deserves it more. Over the years, you've built a fantastic business. Your many groundbreaking achievements are well recognised in what was a male-dominated business. You were firm; you were fair. You think of the long-term interests of your artists. You have no problem telling it like it is, and that it is not always about the money. I wish you continued success for many, many years to come.”
Denis Desmond, Live Nation

“I first met Emma Banks 24 years ago when she called us and pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that she was in fact Red Hot Chili Peppers’ European agent and don't listen to anybody else – and we haven't. In fact, since then, we've added Muse, Disturbed, Foals, Declan McKenna, The Last Dinner Party, Nell Mescal, and the beloved and sometimes touring Gillian Welch to her artist roster. I just wanted to congratulate her on winning the Strat Award and hope she wins the next five.”
Peter Mensch, Q Prime 

“Congratulations, Emma. From the days of Helter Skelter [agency] until now, it's always been an adventure and we love working with you.”
Gayle Fine, Q Prime

“Echoing Gayle, Emma, congratulations, very well deserved.”
Max Wall, Q Prime

“Congratulations, Emma. You've pretty much won everything in the music industry now. So on to the Grand National!”
Tara Richardson, Q Prime

“I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to you. You’ve done so much for me in my whole career, and have always supported me and I love you so much. And I know I would not be where I am, in terms of the live shows, in terms of my career, without your constant support, love and belief in music, and in artists. I love you very much.”
Florence Welch, Florence + The Machine

“Huge congratulations on your award. You've made an immeasurable contribution to the world of music and so much more beyond. You've never wavered in your dedication to artists and creativity, you so deserve this. Congratulations.”
David Joseph, CEO/chairman, Universal Music UK

“Congrats on the Strat Award, Emma, so well deserved. Hope you have a fantastic night.”
Simon Moran, MD, SJM

“Congrats, Emma, on your Strat Award. We love you, you’re the best.”

“Emma, congratulations on your music industry Strat Award 2023. You've had a fantastic career so far, you are one of the most influential music agents of all time and deserve – really deserve – all the accolades you receive. You're a champion for your clients, an inspiration to all of us that know you, and you've made such a positive difference to so many lives, be it clients, be it colleagues or friends. It's been an amazing ride to work alongside you all these years, and long may that continue.”
Mike Greek, CAA UK co-head

“Hi, my darling Emma, my jewel of the UK, the one with the most fabulous sparkle all the time, both in her eyes and on her fingers. You are receiving this award because you are outstanding.You've completely changed my life, you've been there from the very beginning. You are an integral part of our team. We can't do this without you. You are just such a huge support and believer, and you're not just a yes person – you give a lot of great advice, wisdom, you help us strategise. So you deserve this award because you are a visionary, you are outstanding in your field. I just think you are just like a fully polished, beautiful, lots-of-carats diamond.”
Katy Perry

You deserve this award because you are a visionary, you are outstanding in your field

Katy Perry

“Emma, huge congratulations on winning this Strat Award. Your remarkable achievements have not only contributed to your success, but you've also been an inspiration to your peers and your colleagues. Here's wishing you the most amazing night, I'll be raising a glass to you. Keep it going, girl!”
Lucy Dickins, global head of contemporary music & touring, WME

“Hi Emma. I just wanted to wish you a big congratulations on receiving this year’s strat Award. Truly well deserved, an amazing music executive and amazing artist advocate and always a problem solver and a creative thinker. So enjoy this evening. Take it all in and have a drink on me.”
Max Lousada, CEO, Recorded Music, Warner Music Group

“Here I am at one of your spiritual homes, and that isn't Sandown or Ascot – Kenilworth Road to those of you who are uninitiated. You have been a trailblazer and a pioneer in our business, Emma, but the most important thing is you're totally grounded and level-headed, and that's because the wonderful Banks family brought you here all those years ago. Have a fabulous night.”
Rob Stringer, chairman, Sony Music Group

“Emma, Emma, you know I love you… Congratulations [blows kiss].”
Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Congratulations, Emma, you thoroughly deserve this year's Strat Award. Not only are you the agent extraordinaire, you also run the whole company and still you find time to be a trustee of Nordoff And Robbins. Your stewardship of the Silver Clef Awards has turned it into a massive fundraiser and a major fixture in the music business calendar. From everyone at Nordoff & Robbins, thank you, well done and congratulations.”
David Munns, Nordoff & Robbins

“I just want to say congratulations on your award tonight. About time, eh? Have a fantastic evening, I’m sending you lots of love and I'll speak to you soon.”
Sharleen Spiteri

“Emma, so many congratulations. This is just incredible news, well done on winning the Strat this evening. From all of us at Nordoff & Robbins music therapy, we send our congratulations. And we also send our thanks for everything you do helping bring the power of music to so many.”
Sandra Schembri, CEO, Nordoff & Robbins

“Congratulations, Emma, on winning the Strat Award. You deserve that shit. You know why? Because you're the best in the goddamn business! And also you've made us a lot of money – that's why they call you Emma Banks. Go get it, girl! You are the queen of the industry – all the others are fucking pretenders! You crush. We love you.”
Jack Black, Tenacious D


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