MUSEXPO Europe: What to expect from the conference's big name speakers

MUSEXPO Europe: What to expect from the conference's big name speakers

The star's of next week's MUSEXPO Europe conference share their hopes for the event...


Jo Dipple

Chief executive, UK Music

Appearing on The State Of The European Sonic Union panel, Sept 19

“It’s important that the music industry, and all of its practitioners, take a moment to think about policies that will help strengthen our future. The British music industry is worth over £4 billion to the UK economy and around 60% of its revenue comes from exports. 

Music tourism is a relatively newly measured activity.

“UK Music found that 27.7 million music tourists went to live concerts and festivals in the UK last year generating £3.7bn spend and supporting over 39,000 jobs.

To cement this extraordinary industry, we need to think about a post-Brexit world, whatever that means, where demand for our UK-generated Intellectual Property will continue to grow.

“What kind of markets, what kind of legal and policy framework, will keep our sector, our businesses, our artists, songwriters and composers healthy and wealthy? MUSEXPO Europe 2016 is that moment to take stock. 

“I am delighted to be able to take part. Primarily, UK Music and our members want policy makers to put music at the heart of the new industrial strategy for the UK. Government recognises the enormous soft power British music delivers in countries and markets all over the world.

It’s time to make sure that policies developed to adapt to a new political relationship with Europe are the right ones for our multi-faceted and diverse sector.”

Robert Ashcroft
CEO, PRS For Music
Appearing on theEuropean Publishing Forum panel, Sept 20

“MUSEXPO Europe is coming back to London at a timely moment. Much is happening in our industry, both globally and around Europe, and PRS is at the forefront of the debate over many of these issues and, in particular, over the so-called ‘transfer of value’.

MUSEXPO is an invaluable forum where I look forward to it being raised.”


Colin Lester

Founder, JEM Music

Appearing on the Global Managers' Futurecast panel, Sept 19

“Any time we, as an industry, can get together and talk about the big issues affecting us can only be positive. The team behind MUSEXPO are hugely experienced and there is no doubt that this will be an important forum for debate.

Topics such as streaming, secondary ticketing, online exclusives and the other areas of concern to my company and the artists we represent need to be brought to the top of the agenda. I’m looking forward to some stimulating discussions that will hopefully shine a light on some of the challenges we are facing.”

Mike Smith
Currently president of music, Virgin EMI, soon to be managing director, Warner/Chappell UK
Appearing on the European Publishing Forum panel, Sept 20 

“I am delighted to be speaking at MUSEXPO ahead of joining Warner/Chappell UK. Now, more than ever, the A&R process provided by publishers is as vital as that of the record companies and I look forward to expanding upon this.

I am very fortunate to be appearing alongside such respected industry figures in what I am sure will be a lively and informed debate.”

Daniel Glass
Founder and president, Glassnote Entertainment Group

Appearing on the Future Of A&R panel, Sept 20

“I recommend going to the upcoming London MUSEXPO. Sat Bisla invited me to attend 12 years ago in Los Angeles and I’ve made some of my most meaningful relationships there. The confluence of publishing, records, and respect for radio is achieved at this conference. 

London will be the perfect host as music is in the DNA of the UK.”

Andre De Raaff
CEO and co-founder, Imagem Music Group

Appearing on the European Publishing Forum panel, Sept 20

“MUSEXPO is an annual milestone event in the calendar, a place where the great and good of the industry share insight, confront the issues and help push through real debate.

Having the event in London with a specific European remit is a logical next step, which I’m sure will throw up all sorts of interesting debate this side of the Atlantic.

Having contributed before to a MUSEXPO panel, I am incredibly excited to be joining the discussion on European Publishing for what is no doubt going to be a lively forum.

Sat [Bisla, A&R Worldwide president] and his team always deliver a world class event, and with his new partnership in Music Week, I look forward to MUSEXPO’s continued success.”

Rebecca Allen
Managing director, Decca Records
Appearing on the Future Of A&R panel, Sept 20

“It’s an honour to be asked to be part of the MUSEXPO Europe community and, as A&R is front and centre of everything we do, I’m very much looking forward to being part of this panel.”

Sammy Andrews
Artist manager
Appearing on the Global Managers’ Futurecast panel, Sept 19

“It’s a stellar line-up for MUSEXPO Europe. I’m looking forward to talking management for once – it always seems to come as a surprise to people that I still manage acts, but I earned my wings in live and management before delving anywhere near data. 

“Indeed my fascination with data was born out of my time in other parts of the industry. Having a real day-to-day insight into the needs of my new band Lock, and being on the management teams for legendary artists like Annie Lennox, allows me a meaningful insight into how the industry needs to support our acts in this day and age at every level.

“The European Radio Summit is another session not to miss with the disruption via playlisting and a big congrats to Darcus Beese on the recognition [as European Executive Of The Year]. Thoroughly deserved.”

Guy Moot
Managing director, UK, and president, European creative, Sony/ATV Music Publishing 

Appearing on The State Of The European Sonic Union panel, Sept 19

“I’m very much looking forward to hearing from my esteemed peers about the key issues affecting the industry.

The international impact of streaming has obviously been huge, so it will be very interesting to discuss topics surrounding that.

Also, the global A&R landscape is ever-evolving, and it hasn’t been a great year for the UK in terms of breaking new talent, so I’m looking forward to discussing the ways in which the industry can address the issue.

And, of course, I’m very much looking forward to my panel.”

Natasha Bent
Live Agent, UTA

Appearing on the Live Music Business In The Digital Age panel, Sept 19

“One of the most important topics of discussion is how artists are able to maintain long-term relationships with fans, given how fragmented the consumer market is.” 

Jane Dyball
CEO, MPA Group Of Companies

Appearing on the European Publishing Forum panel, Sept 20

“It is so important to step back and look at the challenges facing our business on a global scale. MUSEXPO really does set itself apart by covering such a wide range of topics and, in bringing together an impressive selection of participants from around the world, offers a valuable insight in to the industry as a whole. 

I’m delighted to be involved and look forward to tackling the future of copyright on the European Publishing Forum panel.”

Ted Cockle
President, Virgin EMI

Appearing on The State Of The European Sonic Union panel, Sept 19

“With no let up in the pace of change in our business, events like MUSEXPO are the perfect opportunity to step back for a short while and hear from a broad congregation from across our music ecosystem. I’m looking forward to it.”

Dumi Oburota
Co-founder, Disturbing London

Appearing on the Global Managers’ Futurecast panel, Sept 19

“I’m looking forward to taking part in the management panel at Music Week’s MUSEXPO. Strong, collaborative relationships between artists and their management drive innovation within the entire industry - which lies at the heart of our 360 agency model at Disturbing London.

I’m looking forward to meeting the other panellists and hearing what they have to say.”

Jaideep Singh
Managing director, APAC & Middle East, Volocity Media
Appearing on Spotlight On Asia panel, Sept 20

“MUSEXPO has been a place for me to meet industry leaders in music and entertainment, exchange ideas and be part of the discovery of new talent. In the changing global landscape of entertainment, APAC (Asia-Pacific) and the Middle East region is emerging as the big force in the music world of online, broadcast and on-the-ground consumption as well.

Apart from listening to new artists, I am looking forward to meeting music and entertainment veterans as well as the new breed of tech music evangelists who are bringing the evolution in the world of music for artists and all stakeholders.

Technology will play a big role in how the global music expands and harnesses the huge potential of this huge markets.”

Ed Peto
Managing director, Outdustry

Appearing on Spotlight On Asia panel, Sept 20

“The MUSEXPO Europe team has a stellar global contact book. As we are based in China, it is easy to feel a bit disconnected from the developments of the European/US industries.

It has never been more important to bridge this disconnect, however, and MUSEXPO Europe does this seamlessly, allowing key emerging market players to come into the heart of the western industry, touch base, exchange ideas and build businesses in a truly global sense.”


MUSEXPO Europe takes place September 18-20 at the Millennium Hotel, London. The full schedule is available here. To register go here

To purchase tickets for the Gala Dinner honouring Island Records UK President Darcus Beese as European Executive Of The Year, go here.




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